How a planned maintenance programme can minimise the long term cost of building dilapidation…

Planned property maintenance

Stave off long term cost of dilapidation with planned property maintenance.

The role of being a property landlord is not without it’s obligations both of professional duty and of law.

A building, like any other product, is only useful if fit for the purpose of which it was created. It’s owner must therefore ensure it is a safe and habitable place which is accommodating to it’s occupants – whether business or domestic. As a physical asset, a building’s market value is only as much as it’s worth to someone else. Therefore, upkeep is essential.

Can scheduled building improvements affect the sale price of a property?

In the transferal of a building asset from one person to another, a consideration is made in light of what scheduled improvements are planned and what is the life of said improvements? These factors directly impact the settlement figure during negotiation. This can sometimes be considered the ‘hidden cost’ of property ownership.

At times, even tenants may find themselves caught out by unfavourable terms of their lease which holds them liable to fund any cost of dilapidation. Professional legal counsel is advised in such cases as a matter of prudence.

In the avoidance of the sudden impact of an untimely cost, a more prudent property owner or tenant may opt for a proactive ‘planned preventative maintenance programme’.

How do you begin a property maintenance programme?

The programme begins with a site survey, responsibly conducted by a chartered quantity surveyor (who assesses the damage and necessary remedial works to be done). The main product of this procedure is what’s known a ‘schedule of works’.

A ‘schedule of works’ is really a sequence of actions pertaining to a particular maintenance project. Such works should be taken up by a trusted building maintenance service provider.

Who should carry out my planned maintenance programme?

Key attributes of the chosen property maintenance company:

– relatively experienced to offer well practised solutions
– timely in their response to issues
– speedy completion, especially if paying by day rate
– competent project managers

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