Interior Maintenance

Interior Maintenance

London’s property market answer to master mechanics.

For a tip-top property tune up, both inside (and out), HAH Group are experts at tackling disrepair with ease – for both commercial and residential property.


“Image is highly valued to many of my customers, especially those whose business it is to attract the finest city clientele…they appreciate my attention to detail” Carlos Cruz, Owner of Building Maintenance Service, Help At Home Group – London.

The pursuit of a top class appearance is prized by many of London’s home and business owners. Protection of real estate investment value and the curbing of profit erosion by simple repairs and refurbishment has been proven to establish a stabilizing effect to the value of many a property portfolio – especially in these recessionary times.

Partnering with a maintenance contractor who understands the importance of cost effective and punctual building upkeep is vital.  Their experience in delivering a variety of key property services will reduce time and cost – protecting your profit.

Proven experts in the following interior maintenance specialties (also glad to provide professional references):

– carpentry

– lighting installation

– display unit and furniture installation

– plastering and painting

– window and door replacement

– kitchen fitting

– bathroom/toilet installation

– carpet and flooring

– tiling

– plumbing

– curtain and blind hanging

Professionals in providing building maintenance services, both interior and exterior, please feel free to request a FREE consultation or no-obligation quote.

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