Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance

Keeping the capital’s real estate in great shape!

From landscaping & gardening to painting, decorating & general refurbishments – our team consistently make London homes and businesses presentable for our enjoyment.


“Enthusiasm is our key ingredient – of course with a firm base of  expertise and professionalism” – Carlos Cruz, Owner of Building Maintenance – Help At Home Group, London.

Customer satisfaction is a mandatory rule amongst the highly experienced staff of Help At Home Group. From humble handyman beginnings many years ago (hence the name of the group), this multi-specialty maintenance contractor now offers niche building services to residential and commercial landlords across the capital city.

Based in West London, some of their clients are among London’s well known social hubs. Careful caretakers of client relationships and consistent deliverers of quality, HAH Group are well practiced at exceeding expectations of those they work with.

They are proven experts in the following exterior maintenance areas (glad to provide professional references):

– shop front installation

– exterior painting

– exterior plastering

– landscaping and gardening

– assembly of tents and Gazeebos

– paving installation

– window installation

– door & gate installation or removal

– rubbish removal and clearance

– fencing installation

– gardening and landscaping

– jet washing

– turfing

– gutter clearance

We provide just about any service needed for the upkeep (interior or exterior) of a building – whether residential or commercial – if it’s not written above, feel free to ask:

FREE QUOTE: 0208 265 9761 Or 07738 379 600